Wrist injury, how much time to recover, and how to recover faster?

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Hello, I’ve been playing badminton for about 2 years, 3 times a week for 2 hours.

At some point, the wrist ached, it was felt only at the moment of hitting the shuttlecock. I played like this for another week, the pain was, but tolerable. After a week’s rest, I tried to play – severe pain during some strokes, exactly at the moment of hitting the shuttlecock.

At rest, the wrist almost does not bother, I rotate completely, bend in any direction.

The only thing that hurts is to rest on the palm at 90 degrees, it starts to hurt on the back of the wrist.

The insurance doctor said it might be tendinitis or tendovaginitis.

Prescribed 2 weeks of rest and NSAIDs.

Has anyone come across this? How long did it take to recover and return to badminton?