where to play badminton in Bangkok

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Hi Mr. Anek,

I bought my Hexagon 2300 at that shop, but it is more like Kumpoo official dealer, instead of maibadlukbad. They do not sell any other rackets but Kumpoo only. Well, i tried my Hexagon2300 last night at TPI Cement Factory nearby Muak Lek. All i can say is the racket is mush lighter than my previous DART Concave Speed 3000. I was kinda expecting it would’ve been heavier-head as i could generate more power while smashing. But to my surprise, the hitting sound is great (BG66-25lbs), and the control is excellent. Still can’t get used to drop-shot yet tough.

I saw ur current pictures celebration and those various games made form badminton stuff. I can only say, SATURN is truly innovative! I’ve never even thought of creating new games using badminton stuff. I wonder, how would you play single-paired-player whom happen to use right-handed??.. or should they be paired on basis of right-left-handed players?

One more doubt, i see the prize has Ling Ni brand on it. All i know it is a chinese brand, sponsored all Chinese team players. Originally i was gonna buy that brand in Thailand but i gave up cuz lack of information. Do you have any idea where to buy those Ling Ni brand?

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