what are CN/SP/JP/US/CD/UK? (Yonex country code)

what are cn sp jp us cd uk yonex country code

“I see a lot of these two digit code with Yonex rackets, what are they?”

these two digit codes are country of distribution code. you can find the country code on the “cone” right above the handle of the racket. for newer racket, they are printed on the cone, for older generation, they are engraved.

as far as we know, only Yonex rackets has them. they are used to identify where the racket is destined for.

SP is a very common country code as SP (Singapore) is the main distributor of Yonex rackets in the SE Asia region. so there are many SP racket there.

the known codes that we know of are:

AS – Australia
BX – Belgium/Netherlands
CD – Canada
CH – China
CN/CP – Chinese National Team
DK – Denmark
FR – France
GR – Germany
HK – Hong Kong
ID – India
IN/IP – Indonesia
JP – Japan
KR – Korea
MA – Malaysia
NZ – New Zealand
SD – Sweden
SP – Singapore
TH – Thailand
TW – Taiwan
UA – United Arab Emirates
UK – United Kingdom

there are also other more mystery codes such as “SPY”, which is similar to SP but is said to be more durable then SP.

CN/CP rackets have generated a lot of discussion. CN/CP rackets are racket specially made by Yonex for the Chinese National Team. it is said that these rackets are especially solid and more durable than their other counterparts. there are believer and dis-believers of such claims. and the debate will probably go on and on…

NOTE: these are distribution code, and it is NOT manufacturing code. in other words, it absolutely does not tell you which country the racket is made in. aside from CN/CP, there are rumors that certain rackets with certain country codes are more fragile/durable than others. there has been no official confirmation of that matter. most of these rumors are spread by some retailers whom we believe are trying to discourage players from buying lower priced racket from overseas.

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