Waroo Cross Starting Method

waroo cross starting method

Since I like to give things names I would like to proclaim my new starting method called the Waroo Cross Starting Method or how about the W C S M? Or could go Waroo Method. Never really thought of doing this, but my only concern might be at higher tensions maybe over 33 pounds the string slips and gets a little damage. Fortunately for Toyozouki clamps, if the string slips, it slips with little damage. He starts pulling his crosses at about 10:49.

I have a modified method to the way he starts, he would clamp on the far side of the tail of cross 9 on cross 10, pull cross 9 to tie, tie then pull cross 10, and finish. My modified version is:

If I use a set I would pull cross 9 and 10 at the same time and clamp on cross 10 away from the tail of cross 9, release tension

Pull cross 9 at the tail, add knot tension and tie. Leave clamp on 9.

Pull cross 10, move clamp on cross 10 to cross 9 as a safety to not pull tension on the knot, release clamp near the knot and clamp on 10, then finish.

Doing this way I dont use my starting clamp, and I do not notice any movement of my knot, to me it looks pretty safe and I dont see it slip into the grommet.

If I use off the reel I usually cut short so I use a starting clamp as an extender.Off the reel I do this:

Clamp on far side of tail of cross 9 on cross 10, pull cross 9 add tension for the knot, then tie, leave clamp on 9, do not release clamp yet.

Pull cross 10, move clamp on cross 10 to cross 9, move clamp near knot to cross 10, basically reverse clamps, but move far clamp first, then finish.

Watching Waroo he just clamps on cross 10 with no tension, pulls tension in cross 9, adds tension for his knot then ties. he then pulls cross 10, with 2 clamps on cross 10, not releasing the slack until he gets to cross 11, so I feel that slack is not recovered in any way, leaving cross 10 not fully tensioned.

As an amateur stringer I feel like I learned a few things from this video, also turning my clamps at the bottom while doing crosses, where I find it a little easier to weave all the way across without the clamps getting in my way as I weave, grommet to grommet. Having an apron is a nice way to hide your tools, keeps your tool tray a little more open for things like candy . I have to admit this is my new goto way to start my crosses, 1 less thing to mess with, but I am a little hesitant to do at higher tensions, I did try 33 pounds, I just dont like the way it pulls on the clamp on cross 10 as I am pulling tension to tie my knot. Lower tensions I am doing all the time now, I feel a little stupid for having 4 Yonex starting clamps now. Over 30 pounds maybe I will stick to Mark Lawrence starting method, but for now I go with Waroo Method. What about WaCraSta Method? Need to give the guy props though, dont know where he learned it or if he thought of it, but gonna go with this, unless there is someone else who you know invented this? Thanks for reading, Take care and dont be a bear. Whoever Smelt it, dealt it. Peace out foos

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