[Video Review] Tennisman StringMaster Deluxe SE

video review tennisman stringmaster deluxe se
indeed very good quality and informative video. to give you some feedback, here are my subjective points:
– the style and tempo of narrative
– picture quality
– almost no “water”, all relevant and informative
– honest clamp testing
slightly negative:
– sound quality (audible backgr.noise)
– a mixd feel of personal review and salesman presentation
– intro is “bloody” and sound too harsh
– very little action demonstration. It is like reviewing a guitar not actually playing it. I would prefer to see setting up the machine to badminton, mounting the racket, start stringing (and all the comments in between).
– to my taste, there is no need to spent time on anouncing content. I may be useful, for an hour long review, with hyperlinks to actual chapters, otherwise just boring.

as to the machine, there are 2 big diffs, compared to, say S70. Braking system., Is it a big deal – is left unclear.

the other major diff is the bases, and my biggest question is, how reliable this mechanics is. There is small spring seen inside, and visually the mechanism looks lil fragile and complex. This question cannot be fully answered in a review, of course, but what is your opinion?

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