Victor Thruster F C Enhanced


i just gotten this racket recently and today was my first day playing with it. i’ve got mix feeling abt it. i also strung it with exbolt 65 but 26lbs.

i bought this to make it my main racket and my secondary one will be a astrox 77 play. i’m surprise to say, i actually enjoyed playing my 77 play more than the thruster enhance. a USD50 dollars vs a USD160 racket. sheesh!

my 77 play was strung with exbolt 65 before. and i recently changed it to li ning # 1. and the feel is so good! now i’m wondering if its the string that i didnt enjoy because i have always been using li ning #1.

then again, i’m gonna go for a few more sessions with my enhance and then see how it really feel.

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