Victor or Li-Ning shoes recommendation

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Agree with @Budi that Victor has great shoes.

Recently tried the P9500 Cai Yun edition (but should be identical to the regular P9500). Weight is average, not especially light nor heavy but cushioning was great, even before breaking these in. These really bite and you shouldn’t have problems with grip on court.
The cut is a bit low for my taste though and I would prefer the following for better ankle protection/wrapping.

Also ordered the Yunting and Thunder (both are allrounders) shoes from Li Ning to try out. Both pairs slightly heavier than the P9500. Cushioning before breaking these in seems to be in the same league but slightly more “spongy” around the front foot area and therefore slightly less responsive.
The Thunders are slightly tighter around the front area for average or slimmer feet, Yunting are better suited for average or slighty wider feet.

Compared to the 65 Z3 from Yonex (tried the Momota edition) I would choose the P9500 or Li Nings any day. Better insoles, better cushioning with similar or better wrapping around the ankle area. Thunder and Yunting have slightly worse grip and feel a tad heavier but worth the tradeoff imo.

Looking at LN’s other shoe ranges the Sage and Saga Pro are designed for stability and cushioning while the Gyrfalcon (also called Eagle/Falcon) and Blast Pro are the lighter ones comparable to Yonex’ Aerus line. The Chameleon and Invincible Ace sit inbetween, think of these as allrounders.