Victor or Li-Ning shoes recommendation

victor or li ning shoes recommendation

It’s not only the cushion it’s also the grip of the sole and the stability.

My shoe history of the past years was

2 x P9200
2 x P9300
1 x P9310

now P9500

IMO the P9200 is lacking in the inside of the toe box and and the mesh on the side. The funeral inside the toebox came of on both pairs and box mesh on the side break. Never the less a great shoe which I worn happy.

The P9300 was a good upgrade. Nothing to complain, no issues. The sole was the nearly same from the P9200. Which is known for grippiness and stability in the mid-foot area. The heel is well protected. The only downside, it was not as breathable as the 9200 and I prefered the lacing of the P9200 which fit more snug. I found the sides where a bit lined to much and got pushed out of the sides of the shoe, which looks like a bit funny like the shoes are too small.

The P9310 had thinner funeral and became more roomy, I also felt it was a bit flater. I would recommend it for people with very wide feet or go a half size smaller. I like the shoe, the stability in the mid was a bit less. They swapped some carbon with something which looks like some boost material from Adidas. IMO not a downside. The 9200 and P9300 where quite firm in the middle. For getting on your toes and smooth footwork you needed to work a bit harder.

The P9500 completely different shoe IMO. The mid sole has lost much of it’s stability due the different shape of the carbon plate. The grip much better than the others, if you ask me it is for me a bit too much if you play on clean and freshly wiped floors. The sole is more flexible, a bit more bouncy in the front foot are, getting on your toes easier and the foot can roll better inside the shoe. The funeral slightly thicker and from all shoes it feels a bit less roomy. What it really lacks is the inside support for the arch. I wear custom orthopedics, which compensate it, but if you have flat arch, I wouldn’t recommend the shoe.

My dream shoe would be the P9200 without the issues of the mesh and inside with the stability plate of the P9310 and the outsole of the P9500. Cushion was great in all shoes, IMO the cushion of the P9310 was the best. Maybe this boost area or the EVA on the heal inside the shoe made it? Who knows.

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