victor auraspeed hs plus mar 2024 jpg

Victor Auraspeed HS Plus – Mar 2024


I bought into the hype of the 1st one thinking it’ll be one of the fastest in the auraspeed family because of the name. But boi was I disappointed. Its nice to see it get a stiffness bump and hopefully that holds true knowing Victors Racket response index is a hit or miss, but I still doubt it’ll be as stiff as an JS10. If its true with the smaller head hopefully it will match the JS10 speed.

Interested in the WES3.0, I always found rackets with this tech one of the easiest to give a nice clean whip even when underpressure. I wonder where the recessed portions will be placed and how large they will be.

Another pet peeve to complain about, was the 4U tension warrenty is only 28lbs still when some other older models are like 29-30lbs. :/