Triumphs and Challenges: Day 2 Unveils Dramatic Battles at Uganda International Challenge 2024

The second day at the Uganda International Challenge 2024, hosted at the Lugogo Stadium, witnessed a roller-coaster of emotions as African players, especially those in the Road to Paris Program under the Badminton Confederation of Africa (BCA), took center stage. Let’s dive into the gripping encounters that unfolded on this exhilarating day.


Men’s Singles

Georges Julien Paul (Mauritius) vs. S. Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian (India) [6]

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In a spectacular Round of 32 clash, Mauritius’ Georges Julien Paul faced off against the 6th seed, S. Sankar Muthusamy Subramanian from India. The match went the full distance, showcasing intense rallies and strategic brilliance. Ultimately, Julien Paul emerged victorious with a hard-fought scoreline of 21-11, 14-21, 18-21.


Julien Paul’s Reflection: Speaking to BCA TV post-match, a jubilant Julien Paul expressed, “This is a very good match for me as my opponent is ranked 69 in the world and seeded number 6 in this tournament. I am looking forward to my next match tomorrow and hope to be on the winning side.”


Anuoluwapo Juwon Opeyori (Nigeria) vs. Joel König


The Africa Champion from Nigeria, Anuoluwapo Juwon Opeyori, demonstrated his prowess in a dominant performance against Joel König. Winning convincingly with scores of 21-17, 21-18, Opeyori expressed his satisfaction, stating, “This is very good ranking points for me as we are nearing the end of the qualification period. I am very happy with this win and hope to play well tomorrow for my next match.”


Women’s Singles


Johanita Scholtz vs. Vivien Sandorhazi (Hungary) [8]


In a highly anticipated Round of 32 Women’s Singles match, Johanita Scholtz, the Bronze medallist of the All Africa Championships 2024, faced the 8th seed from Hungary, Vivien Sandorhazi. The match unfolded with intense rallies and dramatic turnarounds, concluding with a scoreline of 19-21, 24-22, 16-21. Despite the loss, Scholtz showcased resilience and optimism, stating, “I am very happy with my performance even though I lost and will continue to work on my weaknesses for my future tournaments.”


Doubles Domination

Men’s Doubles – Koceila Mammeri/Youcef Sabri Medel vs. Emmanuel Mulindwa/Joshua Ogwang:


The African Champions and 8th seeds in the competition, Koceila Mammeri and Youcef Sabri Medel, displayed their prowess in the Round of 32, securing a commanding victory against the Algerian duo Emmanuel Mulindwa and Joshua Ogwang with scores of 21-7, 21-11.


Women’s Doubles – Amy Ackerman/Deidre Laurens vs. Catherine Ndagire/Kimberley Joan Ssendiwala


The recently crowned African Champions of 2024, Amy Ackerman and Deidre Laurens from South Africa, continued their winning streak in the Round of 32. They triumphed over the Ugandan pair Catherine Ndagire and Kimberley Joan Ssendiwala with a dominant scoreline of 21-12, 21-7.


Mixed Doubles – Koceila Mammeri/Tanina Violette Mammeri vs. Reagan Micheal Nsubuga/Verona Sadat Razavipour


The African Champions of 2024 and 3rd seeds in the Mixed Doubles category, Koceila Mammeri and Tanina Violette Mammeri, showcased their synergy and skill, securing a convincing victory against Reagan Micheal Nsubuga and Verona Sadat Razavipour with scores of 21-8, 21-10.


The Uganda International Challenge 2024 continues to unfold with thrilling encounters, showcasing the talent and determination of African badminton players on the international stage. Stay tuned for more updates as the competition progresses.


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