Torn ACL


I’m sharing my current experience/situation with an old injury, ACL.

I used to love soccer but sadly, 2 years back, i torn my right ACL in one of the games.
Was told to go for surgery however i have been delaying it.
Tentatively, I’m suppose to get it done in this year.

But since the flame of badminton has been ignited, i may actually delay it further, pending on the condition.
Initially when i just started off, the knee will give way or somehow, instability.
I did invest in some good knee braces but definitely, the performance will be better without having them on.
Another thing that will helps, is good stretching, i always make it a point to reach my game earlier.
I probably will stretch – 15mins ,planking for a min. And some dynamic warm up to heat up this old rusty body of mine.

So far, it had been well.

I’m keeping optimistic and hopes it continue to stay this way. ;)

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