TKFE vs NF1000Z vs JS10

tkfe vs nf1000z vs js10

I don’t have JS10 but I have TK-F C (4UG5) and 1000Z (3UG5)

Hence, I can only compare TK & 1000Z (Both racket same string type & tension). TK 4U is equivalent in term of weight to 1000Z 3U. Swing speed 1000Z is faster and TK has a stiffer shaft than 1000Z. Hence, 1000Z is easier to play.

TK smash is heavier but 1000Z generate faster shuttle speed. 1000Z has a slight shuttle hold while shuttle on TK is touch n go. TK is more head heavy than 1000Z, therefore, 1000Z can defend abit better than TK.

Both are good all-round racket but 1000Z is more fragile; lower durability. It really depend on your playing style and the way you generate power. As such, 1000Z is more compatible to me than TK.