TK Ryuga TD


Very good first session to be honest, wasn’t expecting this because I didn’t play for three weeks, but I’m a runner too and as I’m on holidays I run every two days I’m quite fit at the moment!

When dry swinging, it’s not that much head heavy, just enough not to be hard yo swing.

First shuttles, clears, they fly off the racquet with ease, good length, good control, good feeling of where the racquet head is.
First smashes, powerful, easy to time, easy to repeat smashes.

I’m more a men doubles player but as we were only three we ended up playing singles so I’ll not comment too much on how the defence and counter attack are but the racquet seems manoeuvrable.

Even if I lost all my matches I’m really happy with the racquet’s performance, the power play is there as expected with a thruster, it’s easy to play for a stiff racquet and the head is steady, off center hits are very good, late shots too.
My main problem in singles are that I’m error prone, so I need a high level of control to feel at ease, and it didn’t disappoint! Not a single clear too long (my usual errors…) and the net is very good too…

Only drawback from now, my hand is hurting a little, but I had an injury some months ago and I hope it’s not coming back