Tian Houwei ( 田厚威 )

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Both news reporter and Allan were right. Before Li Mao’s coaching, LCW was not among the top players. Chen Hong beat him 5 times, held 5-1 winning records against LCW, before 2006. Xia XZ’s still holding a winning record. Basically, before 2006, LCW had a losing records against any Chinese players, such as Xia XZ, Chen Hong, Chen Yu, Chen Jin, Lin Dan,….

During 2006-2008, LCW began to win, and the total records is like 50-50, against Chen Hong, Chen Yu, Bao CL, Chen Jin.

In 2008, Chen Hong and Chen Yu retired. After that, LCW began to dominate all Chinese players, except Lin Dan.

So if counting only the records after 2008, only 5 Chinese players have won at least 1 match against LCW: Lin Dan, Chen Long, Chen Jin, Du PY, and now Tian HW.

Tian Houwei has done a phenomenal job at this Aussie open, beating LCW, (leading most of time in all games, and leading all the time in the deciding game), Santoso (Indonesia top ranked), Chong WF(Malaysia #3), Latif, KBH, and young Chinese star Xue Song.

But Tian HW has played professional tournaments since Oct 14, 2010. This is the 1st time in his 2.5 years professional career.

Xue Song, 2 years younger than Tian HW, also performed extremely well in his debut in this Aussie open. I remember only Zhao Jian Hua did something similar.

The profiles from web site http://www.badmintoncn.com/ are not accurate. For example, Xue Song, was born in Jian Su, (the same province Yang Yang, Zhao JH, Sun Jun, … were born), instead of Guang Dong.

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