Olympic and current Brazil national team assistant coach, Fabiana Da Silva fought for her dreams for many years, with discipline and resilience to achieve them, achieving great results and better achievements.

In the framework of International Women’s Day, Badminton Pan Am highlights various women from our region throughout the month of March, sharing their experiences for the inspiration of the entire Pan American family.

“My best result, which is actually not a result but an achievement, was qualifying for the Olympic Games, I always dreamed of becoming an Olympic athlete and I pursued this dream for many years until I achieved it, but apart from the Olympic Games for sure, my best result was my bronze medal at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima.”

Fabiana competed in the last Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, achieving her dream of being an Olympian after a sports career that began many years ago, when she changed sailing for badminton.

“I always really liked sport, I used to sail and compete in the sport and one day when there was no wind for sailing, my teacher introduced me to badminton and I started playing on the beach in the open air, soon after I started badminton in a project social in my city, I ended up swapping sailing for badminton, I fell in love with badminton right away.”

the process takes time but it is worth the sacrifice fabiana da silva
the process takes time but it is worth the sacrifice fabiana da silva 1

And badminton is like that, it challenges you to continue practicing it and you fall in love with it when you finally manage to hit the shuttle with the racket. Fabiana not only settled for practicing badminton, but she sought to be the best, winning different medals but above all enjoying the benefits that our sport offered her.

“Badminton gave me much more than just medals, it gave me the opportunity to discover other cultures, other countries, make friends and taught me a lot about discipline and resilience.”

Discipline and resilience that have led her to achieve her dreams and pursue the objectives that she has even now set for herself, in her new stage as a coach.

“My goal is become a good coach and help other athletes achieve their dreams and goals within the sport, whether in training and development or high performance.”

And although there may be many difficulties along the way, Fabiana wants to share the following message to encourage more people to fight for their dreams and trust in their processes:

“Don’t give up on your dreams, the process takes time but it’s worth the sacrifice to achieve your purpose. With a lot of hard work and discipline you will get there.”

the process takes time but it is worth the sacrifice fabiana da silva 2