stringing machine model 8 jpg

Stringing Machine Model 8


Thanks for the review and unboxing video. I believe in your video you mentioned that your parents brought it over from Japan to the USA not shipped from Japan directly correct?

I found it interesting that the fixed clamps could not be transferable from the 5 to the 8. How about the reverse? Do the 8s work on the 5?

In another thread [MENTION=75572]yan.v[/MENTION] asked if the price was more palatable compared to ordering directly from Yonex. I was curious about that too. You can PM if you wish to not answer publicly in the thread. Part of the reason is that our Canadian dollar took quite a hit (not as fast as the Russian ruble) relative to the US dollar.

Once again thanks for the video. I couldn’t help but wipe the drool after seeing both videos.