String Reel Holder

Unfortunately, the storage boxes in which I keep my strings are no longer sold in Germany. I looked for alternatives, but couldn’t find anything reasonable, so I had to find something else.
I then opened the CAD program and designed something and that’s what I made:
reel holder drawing.png
As the surfaces are slightly beveled, the reels roll in almost by themselves and do not roll out by themselves.

This is how it looks now:
Reel holder example.jpg Reel holder example 2.jpg

I already uploaded it to but as a new user I have to wait 24 hours to publish something. As soon as it is published, I will post the link.

I have made 4 types:

  • Yonex ( slots are 26,5 mm wide)
    • with easy way to add supports
    • without support possibility
  • Ashaway (the slots are 37 mm wide)
    • with easy way to add supports
    • without support possibility

Also there are files for Yonex (Li-Ning and Victor are the same dimensions) reels from 1 tray up to 8 and for Ashaway from 1 to 6 trays.

Why with or without supports?
I printed 5 holders without support and any problems, but I noticed that the print got worse the higher it went. The walls are very thin and tend to vibrate easily. The 6th holder was a mess… I don’t really know what happened. So I added the possibility to easy add some supports. With that supports the print was much better at the top part.

My print settings (Bambu Studio):
Filament: eSun PLA+ black
Process Setting: 0,24 mm Draft
Wall generator: Arachne

With supports:
Enable support: yes
Type: tree
Style: Tree Organic

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