Shuttle Time Arrived in Honduras

The Shuttle Time, BWF development programme, arrived to Honduras with courses for badminton teachers looking the development of our sport in the country.

From May 28 to June 2, the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University (UPNFM) received these BWF Shuttle Time courses for tutors and teachers, organized by the Honduran Badminton Federation with support of BWF, BPAC and Honduran Olympic Committee.

BWF Trainer, Oscar Vera (COL), led the course for teachers and tutors, which had the participation of 35 attendees and included two workdays dedicated to adapted badminton for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, with the participation of athletes from Special Olympics Honduras.

ST HON JUN 2024 1

The facilities of UPNFM, CONDEPOR, and the Honduran Olympic Committee provided an ideal environment for learning and practicing badminton, ensuring that participants received high-quality training. The course aimed to train 35 individuals who will replicate the acquired knowledge in their respective public and private institutions, targeting 16 educational centers and 200 students practicing
badminton in 2024. Representatives from the departments of Colón, El Paraíso, and Francisco Morazán participated.

During the course, meetings were held with the Honduran Olympic Committee, Special Olympics Honduras, and CONDEPOR to elevate the sport’s profile and promote its widespread practice in the country. The teachers who participated in the course will be responsible for multiplying what they learned in their hometowns, promoting badminton in their communities.

Following the Strategic Plan of the Honduran Badminton Federation (FENABADH) and the guidelines of the COH, it is expected that soon, teams will be formed, competitions will be held, and preparations will be made to participate in regional badminton tournaments as well as the Central American and Caribbean Games. The course also included the participation of Special Olympics Honduras.

Congratulations to the Honduras Badminton Federation!

ST HON JUN 2024 2
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