Shi Yuqi ( 石宇奇 )

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Yes they have the same coach when they were still in the 2nd team under Wu Yunyong. Now that they are promoted to the National 1st Team just a couple weeks ago, they have both come under Xia Xuanze, the Chief Coach for the MS 1st Team.

Give XXZ and his assistant coaches more time to work on the game of these two juniors. Hopefully, it won’t be long before they start producing commendable results. Btw, the 18-yr-old Lin Guipu last week played at the world juniors while the barely 19-yr-old Shi Yuqi was competing at the CHN Open PSS.

Correct, Shi Yuqi does have some fitness issue as pointed out by his previous coach Wu Yunyong who noticed a number of times it became evident when he started to be erratic usually in G2. In fact, SYQ admitted himself that at the inaugural National Youth Games badminton MS Final after taking G1, he struggled to keep up with Zhao Junpeng’s pace and duly lost G2 and the decider to concede the gold medal. Incidentally,at the semifinals, SYQ beat LGP to advance to the final.

Wu Yunyong had commented then that SYQ has good tactical skills but fitness problems while LGP has remarkable stamina but his strokes are somewhat unpolished.