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Satwik SaiRaj RankiReddy/ Chirag Shetty


SatwikChirag lost against WR1 Minions 21-16, 22-20. I saw the graph sheet of the match and based on that I’ll write where we went wrong. Firstly congrats to Minions for reaching final once again. Minions really are playing well and today SatwikChirag did play better than the last time they met Minions barring some moments where they should have capitalised the lead.

In game 1, SatwikChirag had 7-4 lead until they lost 6 consecutive points and the score became 10-7. Then SatwikChirag won two points to make it 10-9. Then Minions again scored 4 consective points to make it 14-9 and then both pairs won some points till Minions razed away to win the first game 21-16. What we see from first game is you shouldn’t give an inch to top pairs like Minions otherwise they’ll hurt you real bad.

In game 2, SatwikChirag had 10-8 lead until Minions scored 3 consective points to lead at the interval 11-10. Then it was going toe to toe till 14-14 and then SatwikChirag stepped up to make it 16-14, 17-15 and then 18-16. Now, here the turning point came. This was the time when they had to step up the gear but Minions were mentally strong and tactically superior here. Minions again scored 3 back to back points to make it 19-18. Now here, the alarm bell started to ring but SatwikChirag somehow stretched the game to deuce and then they lost the match 22-20. They needed to build upon the momentum at 18-16 as they indeed played well but its all okay when you start to take positives from the loss and work on it so that next time you come stronger.

SatwikChirag had played really well and engaged in long rallies with Minions which were won by both of them time to time. Today their defence was better too than last time. And when you’re playing against Minions, only attacking won’t win you points as you have best front court player Kevin and you have a workhorse in Marcus who is strong too in defence better than the Indian pair. I think variations from backcourt will prove crucial when they meet Minions next time. There were some 3-4 rallies which were very intense and really fast. That was heartwarming because I never expected any Indian pair to play like that. Chirag also wasn’t faulted today luckily.

All in all a great match to witness. Next up is HKO. Hoping to see consistent performance from them in future. All the best and chin up SatwikChirag.