[Review] Mizuno Fortius 11 Quick

review mizuno fortius 11 quick

Have been using Mizuno Fortius 11 Quick as my main racket for 2 months now. This racket have been super duper popular among Thai market so I decided to give this racket a chance since I have been looking for an all-round racket that is decent in control aspect.

Racket Specs
Balance Point : Head heavy (300mm)
Weight: 4UG6
String: VBS 66 Nano (27lbs) and Mizuno 65R (27lbs)
Shaft: Stiff

Initial Impression
Holding this racket felt on the heavier side and swinging felt smooth and lighter than what I was expecting. The frame is rounded-boxed but surprisingly cuts through air very smooth. The handle is longer than I’m used to lead to a shorter shaft making this racket feel pretty stiff but it’s a “smooth” stiff (very hard to describe). Paint jobs are good as expected of mizuno but I don’t like the glossy finish, Fortius 10 matt finish is a whole lot better IMO.

Very smooth and fast is my first impression when I drive with this racket. The racket felt just right through the air for me. The repulsion is good but not a speed racket great like 100X or 1000Z but it is enough for me to put pressure and generate fast enough shuttle speed to go for fast rallies. The racket itself is fast, it’s felt somewhere between 88D pro and 88S pro. I can control drive trajectory very easily with 11 quick. Would say it’s on the level of halbertec 8000 and Arc 11 pro level of trajectory control which is one of the best in the market. The racket does have a little bit of hold but not as much as 11 pro, more like 88D Pro hold. Only bad thing I found on this racket is that the sweet spots are somewhat on the smaller size but it’s not that small though good enough for beginners to play with them but just a bit on the smaller side.

Decent, This racket is not designed for a 1 hit killer anyway and people who choose this racket does not look for that Ryuga,88D Pro smash. If you’re a power player, Fortius 11 Power is there for a reason. 11 Quick does pack some punch though. It’s more like, 1 smash a net kill mid-court follow-up. The impact on this racket felt amazing, Solid and soft with little to no vibration. Basically what I wanted free-core to feel like.
The shaft is stiff but there’s a give to the shaft while playing power shot and that gives a little bit of a power.
11 Quick will not produce you a steep smash unless you have decent technique, an all-arm smash will fly out of the court. Half smash and stick smash felt just amazing. Would say it’s one of the best feeling racket in the market right now.

Good, not complain. The racket is fast enough to return all of the smashes and that’s depends on the user. The racket does help with the repulsion so back-court lift is not hard either.

Control + Net Shot
Hands down, one of the best racket in control aspect, The shuttle goes where I wanted it to go. The okay repulsion on this racket does help on tight net shots. Drop shots are easy to play. Mid court control are great, trajectory control is the key of making me like this racket, when I normally use speed racket like HS 100X 1000Z etc. while it’s easy to get behind the shuttle and hit, due to a lot of head speed I found that I cannot control the trajectory and the power of the shot well.

One of the best racket in the market right now. But due to the price and a very limited availability, this racket is expensive and it’s hard to find even in Japan (Went to japan 3 weeks ago and all shops I went 11Quick are out of stock). If you want a racket that’s somewhere between 88D pro and 88S pro, this racket is the best racket for it. It can do everything well + good feeling racket. Any questions are welcome.

My Current Racket
2X Mizuno Fortius 11 Quick
Forza Precision 11X
Victor Hypersonic
Lining Halbertec 8000
Mizuno Acrospeed 1 Focus (Japan released 1 week ago) Will write a review once I played with this racket a bit more.

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