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[Review] Mizuno Caliber S-Boost

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Mizuno Caliber S-Boost
FLEX: Medium
BALANCE: Head Heavy -|-[]-|-|-|- Head Light
MAX TENSION: 30lbsCONSTRUCTION: Japanese Ultra Carbon (whatever that means)
String: VBS 66 Nano (28 lbs + 10% pre-stretch)
Grip: Original grip + Victor Overgrip

Nothing much, I saw the racket and like it so I’m giving it a try. Mizuno always did well in their racket design, feel, and paintwork. This racket is speed/control type of racket coming with balance point of aprx 295-297mm (measured by hand and tape). Mizuno G5 grip is smaller than a yonex and victor G5 grip—more towards G6.
S-Boost comes with orange “power balance grommets” at 3 9 and 12 o’clock region. the power grommets are rectangular in shape rather than circles probably promoting more string movements on hit. More on hitting feel later. After I’ve strung 28lbs, the string sounded precisely like another racket that I’ve strung 27lbs. Probably due to the “power balance grommets”. Still sounds good though. After strung and overgrip, I measured the bp at around 293-295mm at 91grams. If you like stiff shaft then this racket is not for you since it’s a medium shaft.

Very good, with the aerodynamic frame, fast drives are good and nothing to complained about. The string does hold the shuttle but is barely noticeable, similar or less hold to Arcsaber 7 pro. Shuttle speed that comes out of the racket is good as well.

Very easy as expected of speed racket, The racket is fast but not as fast compared to other speed racket I’ve tried so far ie 100X, HS and 1000Z. With medium shaft, clears felt smooth and easy power generation.

Control (drop,slice and shot placement)
It was good, drop and slice goes where I wanted to. Net shots are good as well, the racket is stable and doesn’t vibrate. I do have a bit of difficulty netting but that’s just my skills and not the racket fault.

Easy defence, the racket is fast so it’s easy to get behind the shuttle. Lift defence is super easy with medium shaft helping on short swings. I especially like this racket drive defence, felt very nice.

Surprisingly good, it’s a speed racket that does pack some punches. Stick and half smash works great with good shuttle speed. I really like this racket performance on full smashes. Very good speed and power, it might not give you 1 shot smash against decent defence but 2-3 smash would most of the time lead to my partner’s net kills. The impact felt soft, The shuttle sounded muted on smashes but sounds great.

Overall a very solid racket, the price is very very good for it’s performance and feel too. If you wanted an all-round racket with a touch of speed and medium shaft for ease of play. Give this racket a try.

My match with Mizuno S Boost (I’m wearing white T-shirt with glasses)

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I’ve played badminton for almost 2 years, so my skill might not be as good as many of you please bare with me.