[Review] Lining Blade X 800 4U

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[Review] Lining Blade X 800 4U
I have 3-4 hours sessions with this racket since I borrowed it from my junior at the badminton club. Although 3-4 hours with the racket is short. It’s enough to feel how racket performed.

Weight : 4U
Balance : 295 mm.
Shaft : Medium-Stiff
Grip size : G5
Tension : 30 Lbs.
String: Victor VBS 63 (26lbs)

Initial impression
– I just don’t like the racket color lol. But the paint job from Lining is always top notch but I just don’t like the color and graphics.
– Holding it felt like and felt the head lighter than 295mm.
– Swinging lightly felt stiff

Drives (9.5/10)
This racket excels at quick drives. I would say this racket is one of the best if not the best in front-mid court drives. Since the head is on the lighter side, fast drives is easier to hit and receive. Paired with good repulsion from thinner string, the repulsion I got from drives is insane. The feedback and vibration I got from hitting are on low-medium side. Drives felt good and I got nothing bad to say about this racket so far.

Clears (9/10)
Easy to clear to back court and doesn’t need to use a lot of power to push the shuttle. The feedback is a little too much to my liking, maybe the string is too thin so VBS 66 nano or No.1 would be perfect combination I think. Backhand clears are easy to pull of and doesn’t strain your wrist much. Off-centered clears are atad harder and I need to exert more force compared to Hypersonic and 100X.

Smash (7/10)
This racket doesn’t do well in smash category if your technique and wrist and timing is not on point that day.
I would say the smashing power is similar to 90S which is on the lower side if you ask me, but the smash felt better than 90S though. The feeling is between 100X and TK-F which is great. Back-court smash with this racket is not advised. Stick smash and half smash are ok but most of my smashes won’t win me points unless I caught my opponent off guard with cross-court smash. But you won’t get tired easily smashing tho.

Defense (9.5/10)
Well, Fast racket + good repulsion will always be good at defense. Nothing to say, this racket is swift and easy to handle so flicking and returning smash is easy.

Net (8/10)
Netshots are ok, If the head would be a bit heavier it would be easier to control the shuttle trajectory and power in the net. But deception are easy since the handling is fast. You can hold and flick to change direction with ease.

Overall, If you like smash or mainly mid-rear court player. I won’t recommend you this racket at 4U weight ever. Even 3U felt light holding, so I will only recommend this racket for front-mid court player only and advice all-round player to look else where. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good racket for it’s purpose and front-mid court is where this racket operate.

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