Rackets with larger sweetspot or frame

avatar male m

Why would you specificly want larger frame or sweetspot?
Even if it say larger, its not by much. At most it will only be larger less than 10mm & high likely it no more than 5mm.

For those who misshit alot, training the basic with coaching for just 1 or 2 month would be much more helpfull than finding larger frame racket.
Simple test to see how your accuracy was.
Use 3-4 different color of whiteboard marker.
Draw you string with those marker. Draw layered circle on your string bed. Small circle, bigger one on the outside of the 2st circle, continue with different color until uou draw the whole stringbed. Play games as normal & at the end of games see how many color mark on the shuttle ball. The less you had for outer color, the more consistent you are.

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