Racket cap replacement

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Not sure which forum to post to… the racket isn’t broken (so it can’t go into the RIP section), but I can’t find any threads that mention fixing it either.

For reasons unknown to me, my racket’s cap broke into many small pieces. I’ve found some replacement caps online, but after staring at my racket, I realized I don’t know how to fix the cap back in.

The staples are still stuck there on the grip though, and I don’t know if on forcefully removing those staples will break the racket too? I’m not too keen for my racket to RIP because of the force used.

By the way, I found some videos on Youtube for replacing the cap on tennis rackets but none on badminton rackets (strangely), but their grips are larger and probably won’t break from the force used. And unlike tennis rackets, badminton rackets have thin shafts… which I’m not keen to break also.

Has anyone ever tried replacing the racket cap? How did you do it?

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