Please help me with my badminton survey (for research purposes)

Hi BC Community,

I hope everyone has been having a great day.

I have a favour to ask of the most active online badminton community (that gives a supportive and positive vibe) that I am aware of on the Internet.

I have been doing academic research on badminton for a few years and am hoping to support my effort with a community survey in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of people’s general expenses and their sentiments about shuttlecocks.

The Google Forms survey will take about 12 minutes to complete and comprises 3 parts: 1) General demographics, 2) General expenses regarding your participation in badminton, and 3) Specific questions on your experience/impression of the badminton shuttlecock.

At the moment, only English is available but I will be translating it to Chinese and Japanese in the hopes of reaching more communities.

Responses you provide are completely anonymous so you can rest assured nothing you put in the survey can be traced back to you, although I hope participants would answer honestly. I have tested the survey myself numerous times and should work, but if you experience any issues please let me know.

I cannot offer you any monetary incentives for doing this survey except for lots of thanks (bucket loads of them) and, with some luck, I could produce some tangible results in the near future and hopefully share them with those who are interested :)


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