Ng Tze Yong

ng tze yong

That’s the thing – NTY isn’t a very flashy player. He doesn’t have the raw explosiveness and coverage like VA or LZJ or speed like LCW, but he is quite consistent in his shot quality and doesn’t make many errors. Like Cheung said, a ‘quiet destroyer’. I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed in the few times I saw him, but his play is starting to grow on me.

At the moment, while I still wouldn’t rate him anywhere close to the top 10 until he develops a weapon or two, I have to give credit where credit is due. I thought he played a very patient and mature game against Srikanth, very much unlike his contemporaries. Congratulations to him! Hope that he capitalizes fully on the chance LZJ gives him to continue to develop his confidence and game.

Hopefully he won’t be another Cheam June Wei (who beat JC during a team event and then faded into oblivion after that).

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