Needing a racket recommendation..

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Hello all,

Appreciate this question has been asked loads but all the answers seem different!

Been playing for around 3 years now, singles, 1 or 2 times a week. More on the aggressive side when it comes to style of play. I’ve been using an adidas spieler A09 for the last couple of years since it was recommended at the time but feel its time for an upgrade. Two areas I feel I do struggle is consistency in my net and drop shots, and getting distance in my defensive clears if that is any help.

What is a good mid range racket?

I’ve been looking at the astrox 77 since it came up with a few recommendation, but the play version seems more flexible than my current and the pro is probably out of budget. Budget wise I guess around £100 – 120.

Thanks is advance, and sorry if you need to know anything more.

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