need recommendation on budget friendly racket

Need recommendation on budget friendly racket

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The string in my NF1000z broke recently and I went to using my older racquets while I waited for it to get restrung.

Did a day with Astrox nextage. I played terribly. Did a day with Nanoray800. Did even worse. Did a day with the (nanoray I think) iSpeed as I felt it deserved a second chance because I hated it after playing 2 games with it originally.

Also did a day with NanoFlare800lt, and it still isn’t great for my elbow.

Why am I telling you all this? Get racquets that are the same. Or extremely similar. You’ll enjoy yourself more. And if you can get a racquet you love that is suitable for both singles and doubles, even better (I use Astrox100zz for the rare singles games I play).

If you are planning on getting a 77play like the above user advises, be aware it might not have every exact specification that the pro has. I am looking on getting a NF1000z play, but am very aware that is it more flexible in the shaft.