Need help to become Badminton Monster

need help to become badminton monster

It looks like you are having fun.. and the people you are playing with aren’t skilled either..

If you did get better then you would see all your partners mistakes and find it annoying to play with them, because e.g. you’d smash it and it’d come to the net and your partner wouldn’t be doing what they should.

Within the first 10 seconds you mess up . Rally from 0:06-0:10

Opponent serves, your partner lifts it to opponents backhand side, OK

Now you are standing in the wrong place. You and your partner are meant to be “Sides”.
The opponent is likely to hit it to the net or not far. And if he were able to smash that lift then he could do that. Or he could clear it.. You should be sides ready to defend it or kill off a weak reply, or ready to go back if they clear it.

Suppose the opponent had done a cross court drop, there’d be nobody there. because you left a gap.

The opponent then does a backhand clear , it’s on your partner’s side, but you are too near. Your partner goes for it and hits it, but you are next to him and you shouldn’t be.. If he had cleared it down the middle and confused you and your partner you might have both gone for it, but here only your partner should be going for it. You (and your partner) should have moved sides as soon as your partner lifted it. And for you that means you needed to move a bit further forwards than you are, and more to the left than you are. Your base should change.

After your partner smashed it, then If the opponents had blocked it back to the net, there’d have been nobody there,

When your partner went back to get the clear, you were meant to go forward.

At 0:20 they hit the shuttle high to you, but your partner has no idea what he is doing. He’s just standing there straight legged not attacking at the net.

The issue with doubles is, both you and your partners need to be trained..

Some clubs have a group coaching where a coach corrects people when they play, and the coach plays with people and tells them where go to and where not to go..

That’s a problem with doubles. And because of that, some people choose to focus more on singles!

And clubs where most players know the fundamentals, fill up fast..

To improve at doubles You need to find a club with a coach that is very active.. That doesn’t mean necessarily getting 1-1 coaching..

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