N90 IV or AxForce 80?

avatar male m

Just like Savage Attack said. Ask your friend if you can have a session or 2 with the rackets.

But keep this in mind

N90IV or 9000B is a 3U racket, even though its even-balance to head-light, after a long session you will feel the weight. It is easy to play with but that’s compared to other 3U rackets. Still good racket non the less.

For Axforce 80. It a racket that needed time. You will prob wont like it the first 3-4 days with the racket because it’s soooo whippy. It took me 1 week to adjust to the timing and play style (I play badminton every day 2-3 hours a day). If you like flat-fast exchange then 3U version is probably not your choice since you will 100% be a lot slower.

Again, try the racket if possible.

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