My thoughts on some Victor, Li-ning and Yonex rackets

Victor Thruster Ryuga II (4UG5)
weight 4U
bp: 304mm
Swing Weight (kg/cm2) : 87.0
stiffness 7.829

Victor Thruster TK-F Enhanced (4UG5)
weight 4U
bp: 301mm
Swing Weight (kg/cm2) : 85.6
stiffness 7.521

Victor AuraSpeed 90K II (4UG5)
weight 4U
bp: 299
Swing Weight (kg/cm2) : 84.0
stiffness: Medium-Stiff (8/10)

Li-ning Axforce 90 dragon (4UG5)
weight 4U
bp: 308mm
Swing Weight (kg/cm2) : 87.6
stiffness 8.172

Li-Ning Axforce 90 tiger (4UG5)
weight 4U
bp: 306mm
Swing Weight (kg/cm2) : 86.2
stiffness 8.524

Yonex Astrox 100 Kurenai AX100ZZ (4UG5)
weight 4U
bp: 302 mm
Swing Weight: 85.0
stiffness: Extra Stiff

About the measurements: where the stiffness is a number, the measurements are from VN Badminton youtube channel (the lesser the number stiffer). Others are from Kenwusports. I find these measurements quite telling about the actual feel of the rackets, so the higher the bp and swing weight, the slower will the racket feel. For example, i will rate head-heaviness in this order: axforce90 dragon>>axforce90 tiger>>100zz>>ryuga ii>>tkfe>>ars 90kII>>88s pro. I believe it conforms to the measurements quite well – 100zz stands out a bit because for me it feels head-heavier (or maybe i should say slower swringing) than the thrusters because of the stiffness.

I will mainly talk about Victor rackets, then give some comparison with the axforces and yonex rackets)
I have been playing for quite a while with 88s pro, then bought astrox 100zz (3 of them actually), then bought the axforces, then tkfes, then recently ryuga ii and ars-90ii. I haven’t yet played a lot with the last 2, so may correct my opinion after some time. Tkfes are strung with victor vbs 66 nano at 28 lbs, others – with bg-80 at 29 pounds. vbs 66 nano is not my type of string, it has a medium, even soft feel, but for 3 or so months i haven’t breaken it. So when I restring my tkfes with bg-80, my opinion about them might improve even more. All my victor rackets are TH coded and made in china.

Okay, tkfe is definitely my favourite now. When i picked it up, i immediately felt how user-friendly it was. A tad head-heavy, not too much. Rather stiff, but not too stiff. Plays well in all areas, power-wise – also very good. Ryuga ii is quite similar to tkfe – it is a bit head-heavier and just a notch stiffer. It has a tad more head weight, so in the end of a heavy session might feel a bit more tiring and slower than tkfe. I like the power from ryuga ii, i feel it can deliver a bit more than tkfe, but you have to be precise with a contact point, otherwise a lot of smashes will go too flat. ARS 90k-ii is a bit less head-heavy than tkfe, but it definitely still is a head-heavy racket (i think around 88s pro). Stiffness wise feels close to the thrusters, not too stiff (unlike 88s pro), very playeable. Power is there, and it is easier to get good angles on the smashes. Attack with the thrusters feels having more weight, but ars-90ii can definitely deliver as well.

About the axforce 90 – tiger and dragon. Dragon is a tad head-heavier and a tad stiffer. When i first picked them up, i liked them, very nice on the drives, good power. But now i have a hard time playing with them, the feeling is just isn’t there, and if i pick up a dragon in the end of the session, when my wrist is already a bit tired, it feels way too head-heavy and slow. I also have an axforce 70, but it’s a 5UG6 and my wife plays with it. It is definitely medium-stiff but pretty head-heavy.

About yonex 100zz and 88s pro – they feel way too stiff for me now and tire my wrist quickly. 100zz is definitely a great racket with good power and overall performance, but because of the stiffness it feels like it has more swing weight even than the axforce 90. 88s pro is noticeably head-lighter than 100zz but stiffness is around the same or even more. It can deliver, but I cannot say it is easy to play. So why play with it when there are much easier rackets that will give you the same or even better result at much less cost to your stamina and concentration.
Hope this helps, because i myself was searching a lot about comparisons between these type of rackets)