Most Responsive and Repulsive racquets

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I was able to test Drive X 10 metallic and nanoflare 800 pro.
One of the yonex sponsored player at our club has nanoflare 800 pro. It is 4U, yonex recommends exbolt 65 with it and it was strung @ 24×26 if I remember correctly.

I predominantly use head heavy racquets, my current racquets are N9II, 88D pro and TKFE (Sold).

First game with nanoflare 800 pro was rather surprising, it has a unique feel and crisp hitting sound to it. Awesome accuracy, flicks and stick smashes are easy with this one and very responsive.

It lacks the power from back court, may be 3U can help abit.

Probably I got used to TKFE sword kind of frame, it didn’t take much time to get used with 800 pro.

It’s not an in-depth review, I just used the racquet for 4hrs or so. But I would definitely pick this one for response and feel.

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