Mid balanced/slight hh 3U rackets

I got to try it for a session yesterday along with a 3u Arc 11 pro. I was surprised how fast the Inferno frame is, to me it felt as fast as a JS10, but heavier. I would need a lot more time to get used to that and I don’t see so much need for such a fast frame as I’m mostly playing singles. Feels like a nice racket, though,

The Arc 11p was much easier to get along with. Feels like a similar swing weight to my 4u 88d pro, heavier, but with the weight evenly distributed. I could go with this, but this kind of numb feeling is a bit strange. I guess it’s the ”hold”-thing I’m feeling and it makes me wish for a more repulsive string – which would kind of go against the rackets intention…

It felt great when I switched back to my 88dp, but I still want a nice 3u racket for the times when I’m not enjoying the head heavy feeling of the racket :)