Maxbolt rackets

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Hi guys,

did anyone buy or is planning to buy a MAXBOLT racket? just used a friends maxbolt racket, medium stiff and little head heavy and found it very easy to use for a beginner to advance beginner level use, maybe even intermediate use if someone is looking for a easy on shoulder to arm racket option.

so i finally decided to buy a maxbolt myself and ended up buying their new offering which is a super lightweight medium stiff racket and haven’t tested it out yet. will post my comments once i play with it over the weekend. just so you know its something like a flashboost but with a fzorce 2 paint job, i know its cheesy but all i care is whether it plays the part or not.

and oh! the best part …. they are not so expensive, the one i bought set me 500HKD and that too including yonex NBG98 with stringing included.

looking for players who have tested some maxbolt rackets to post their opinions and i think this is now officially the first thread for Maxbolt on this forum.

i am keeping my fingers crossed as this new maxbolt might turn out to be a total disaster too.

will post some images of my racket soon