Loose cross string?

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Occasionally, while stringing, (1:50) I’m seeing a single cross string that is loose compared to the others, after it has been pulled and I don’t understand why?!

It’s usually cross string number 6, 7 or 8, counted from the bottom. The string will be much easier to push around then the other strings and often settles as a “sad” string, unless constantly corrected during play.

Recently I’ve noticed this while stringing and has gone back and repulled the string, but the result is the same – a loose string. I’ve even tried to add an extra kilo for that cross, again with the same result (maybe slightly tighter).

I can see no visual difference to the string holes/grommets, which are not shared, and I can’t figure out why this is happening.

Have any of your seen something similar?

My process is: Mount racket (6-pointsupport, load spreader top and bottom) finger tight with no play; String all mains inside out; String crosses (+1 kg) bottom up. That is, a standard Yonex two-piece pattern.

Max. racket deformation is +-2 mm. (length, width) but usually it’s 0 or +-1 mm. The strings usually come out slightly “sad”, but I adjust them afterwards and all is good.

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