Looking for stringing machine suggestions.

avatar male m

Currently doing some research to find the best option within my budget.

Live in Bc Canada so options have been a bit limited. Budget looking around 3000 Canadian

I have an old crank machine but it is 2 point and breaks racquets so this is not an option anymore (strung a lot of racquets before one broke, found out that was the reason so i have “retired” until I find a new machine.) Considering upgrading to an electronic.

Background- fairly novice stringer, more of a hobby/helping other people and myself.
– Coach a high school team and string a few racquets here and there(free for students)
-String for local players now and then
-String for myself generally once a month (i like to break strings apparently)

Currently the Gamma X-ELS Electronic
stood out, but with taxes and shipping it does seem a little high.

Any suggestions would be amazing thank you!

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