Lining Aeronaut 9000C vs Turbocharging 75ex

lining aeronaut 9000c vs turbocharging

So does 88D by Gideon or 88S by Kevin or 100ZZ by VA or TKFC by TTY or ……(name all pro player & racket they use)
or ZF is legendary racket used by legendary player named LCW or LD. So its must be a very good racket. Know that ZF is very head heavy, very heavy, & very stiff. Yes its very powerful & very controlable, a true legend class racket. But when a beginner use it, they will end up injury themself instead. They didnt meet the requirement to use the racket.

just coz you like Praven & Zangsiwei, doesnt mean their racket work like a charm for you.

Instead, tell us what you like from all racket you own & what you hate from it. Its better approach to get best fit for your liking. Unless ofcourse you just want to buy it for collection as it used by your favourite player.

I like Kevin but not play like him. Im back court player but im not playing like Gideon or others. Im me, my style, my strategy. I learn from them but i create my own unique style.