Liew Daren

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His full name is Liew Daren, his name is joined together.
His chinese name is Liu Guo Lun.

I agree that this is a good time to open a thread for him, after his exploits in the BAC. He is 24 this year, by no means young and most likely he will never be a successful player. However, he is a pretty decent compared to the others we have currently. Among all the backup players, he has performed the best internationally many times compared to the others. However, he tends to always lose in internal battles on the local circuit.

Saw him play once before against Dicky, he has good aggression but is pretty darn prone to unforced errors. He can go into a streak of unforced errors by smashing out, smashing into the net, lifting out the the sidelines and this can be really frustrating!

His big name victories :
Boonsak Ponsana (Malaysian Open 2009, first round)
P. Kashyap (Chinese Taipei Open, third round)
Wang Zhengming (Denmark Open 2010, 2nd qualifying round)
Dicky Palyama (Denmark Open 2010, 1st round)
Wong Wing Ki (Badminton Asia Championships 2011, 2nd round)

And most recently lost to Du Pengyu in a very tight encounter of 16-21; 21-19; 19-21.

Anyway, I wish Liew Daren all the best.

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