kisona selvaduray

Kisona Selvaduray


Objectively-speaking, Msia has yet to find a replacement to Wong Mew Choo. What more with the recovering Goh Yin Wei, who is obviously a very bright star, suddenly resigning from the national team.

Unfortunately Kisona was down with Covid 19 twice after her tour in Europe in recent months and that might have affected her speed on court. However, some of her weaknesses during her game vs Gregoria was just too obvious – slow movement and anticipation on court, especially cross court drop and smashes, and a non-existent attack. She should have won her game vs Indo as Gregoria was nervous as wreck, but somehow still managed to get points repeatedly whenever she did any cross court shot. At 23, Kisona should already have good power and speed on court, which she both lacks. Her game now seems to be relying on mistakes from opponents, of which any top 20 players will not be so kind of.