How to change G6 grip to G5

how to change g6 grip to g5

I have several N7II in S1 and S2 and I’m quite sensitive (OCD) to grip size and running two different sizes was no option.

My standard setup on S2 is with some cushion wrap and one 0.6mm overgrip with a bit less than 50% overlap on an wooden handle with electric tape.

I personally had the same dilemma how I can get a consistent handle size without changing my gripping routine. I tried a heat shrink tube over the wooden handle. I tturned out for me that I still need to adjust my wrapping routine to have an equal feel because it added too much. A few layers of cushion wrap made the grip feel spongy. Especially the feel in bevel grip was weird.

My solution is a thin overgrip (0.6mm) with 0 overlap (edge to edge) around the wooden handle wrapped under tension and fixing it with a layer of electric tape. That’s for me close to perfect and the edges don’t get round or softend.

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