How did YOU get started????!!!

Can’t really remember when I started (but later than @Alex82 and @tjiew ), but I started because I broke around 2 strings per week. “Best” fail was when I tried BG 68 Ti and broke it after 5 minutes during warm up… Even when the price of a friend who strung my rackets was cheap (10€ with strings) it was quite expensive when you brake several rackets per months. So I did a research on the Internet about machines for beginners and talked to a friend who had a Pro’s Pro Pilot. Then I bought one Pilot too. Learning from @kwun helped a lot;)

I really wanted to improve my stringing so I watched different videos, what to do and what not to do. You can learn from bad videos as well. Then I gradually upgraded my Pro’s Pro machine with Chudek side supports, semi-automatic clamp bases and then the Wise tension head.

Due to some contacts in our club I got the chance to string at the Yonex German Open in 2017. Here I learned that stringing on a tournament is much different than stringing at home. Even if I was quite bad in this first tournament (just around 10 rackets per day) I could improve more and more and was invited again in the following years for the same tournament (then with much more than 10 rackets:D). My biggest tournament was in Basel 2019, the World Championships.

For me stringing is still a hobby at home with around 700-800 rackets (only badminton) per year.

After buying a used Yonex Protech 8 in 2018 I sold it some weeks ago this year and now stringing on a Yonex Precision 9.0:)

For me badminton is a real passion and because I like photography too I take pictures of our 1. and 2. team in our club from time to time.

Goals? Hmmm, I would say no matter how many rackets I get to keep the quality on a high level. That’s what I’m looking for. For me that is more important than how fast I string or how many rackets people have given me at the end of a month.

Even if not every topic here is really necessary for what you’re looking for I really like to read other people’s articles what they might think of or maybe someone has a problem and the others have great ideas to solve that.

Oh, by the way @kakinami the Gudgeon knot is my main knot;) Thanks for your video about that.

Keep going with interesting input;) Well done!

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