Highlights From The BCA AGM Held In Chengdu, China

The Badminton Confederation Africa (BCA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, April 25, 2024, in Chengdu, China. This significant event was conducted alongside the Badminton World Federation – BWF AGM, bringing together key figures from the badminton community for a series of discussions and recognitions.

The BCA AGM commenced with the approval of the minutes from the previous AGM, ensuring that all members were aligned on the past year’s proceedings. One of the primary agenda items was the adoption of the audited financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2023. The assembly reviewed and ratified these financial statements, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility.

Another critical item on the agenda was the approval of the auditors for 2024, as recommended by the BCA Council. This step is vital for maintaining the integrity of the BCA’s financial oversight and ensuring that the organization’s financial practices meet the highest standards.

The AGM also served as a platform to honor outstanding contributions to badminton in Africa. Two prestigious awards were conferred during the meeting:

      1. 7th Africa Women in Badminton Award 2024 (AWIBA)


This accolade was awarded to Mrs. Harriet Semugabi from Uganda in recognition of her significant contributions to promoting and developing badminton among women in Africa. Mrs. Semugabi’s devotion and efforts have been instrumental in advancing the sport and inspiring many young women to participate in badminton.

       2. 3rd Africa Shuttle Time Award (ASTA)


The Senegalese Badminton Federation was honored with this award for their brilliant work in implementing the Shuttle Time program, which aims to make badminton accessible to children across Africa. Their efforts in promoting grassroots badminton and developing young talent were highly commended.

Following the BCA and BWF AGMs, all members were invited to a Gala Dinner hosted by the BWF. This event provided an opportunity for attendees to network, celebrate the achievements of the past year, and discuss the future of badminton in a more informal and convivial setting before the start of the Thomas and Uber Cup 2024. Players were also invited.

The BCA AGM in Chengdu not only facilitated essential administrative decisions but also highlighted the notable efforts of individuals and organizations dedicated to the growth and development of badminton in Africa.

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