Having An OFF Day

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Hello everyone

Yesterday, our group members decided to mass bunk without prior knowledge leaving me at the mercy of the miscellaneous people.

Anyways, after a few lousy doubles i decided to rather play a few singles game and then call it a day.

But then i soon realised that I can’t seem to keep the shuttle inside the court. It’s going long even with the singles long service.
Punch clears, Defensive clears, BH lob, FH lob, even the deep/late FH retrieval shot with nothing extra and a smooth swing was landing outside the length of the court.
I lost the first match.

In the second match i decided to pick the pace and changed to my prototype low backhand serve. I played fast with cuts and drives and jump smashes… winning it 21/15 and also quite out of breath.

In the final match, i went back to the long serve and the problem returned. Even when I’m not under any kinda movement pressure or shot selection dilemma.
I tried changing to my headlight racquet but still no improvement, rather when I tried to cut back on power it started falling short & got punished. Eventually i resigned to my fate and lost the match.

Let me clear that it’s our everyday court, without any kinda draft, same shuttles and I was playing well during the warm-ups and the doubles but couldn’t in the singles.

I don’t think this has ever happened to me.

What could be the reason here ?
Does it happen to you ?
What can be done about this ?

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