hangzhou china international challenge 2023 june 20 to june 25

Hangzhou China International Challenge 2023 (June 20 to June 25)

Taking place concurrently with the World Tour Super 300 event in Taipei is the above tournament. It is played at the same venue as the upcoming Asian Games badminton competition. So it also serves as a test event for the Asian Games.

Since this is an International Challenge event, only the players on the fringe would attend. Note that a few up-and-coming Chinese players in this event will play next month in Canada and the US as well.

BWF link on Tournament Software: https://bwf.tournamentsoftware.com/tournament/151ba4b6-4101-4f86-8540-cdf3545fd9f1/matches/20230623

Court 1 and Court 2 live streaming and replays are available at http://bbs.badmintoncn.com/thread-2739453-1-1.html

Click on ①号场直播> or ②号场直播> for live streaming. Click on [​IMG] for replays of individual matches. You may use the BWF link to find the matches that you want to watch, as the other link is in Chinese.