Fh drive on bh side viable?

fh drive on bh side viable

maybe ‘cos you’re in Australia everything’s upside down? 😉

on a more serious note, is this doubles or singles? Maybe you can draw something in mspaint?

are you talking about a drive with a RTH type action?

maybe you can use mspaint to show what you are referring to him doing and what you are referring to you doing.

I recall an old game where my and the guy opposite was in a drives battle and I was standing on the side of the court where my forehand is predominent and driving it back at him and the shuttle could’ve been either side of me. If a bit to my backhand side while I was on that side of the court, I could have used backhand grip or it RTH when it went to my backhand side. In that instance I used backhand grip for both sides. But I could have crouched and used forehand grip all sides.. Or changed grip re each side.

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