Durability of Aerobite Boost

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I think it’s quite durable. I’ve played with BG80 like forever and since this summer (3rd week July) I’m trying out Aerobite and Aerobite Boost. Strung them at 32 lbs and they’re still holding it quite nice. I play 2 times a week and competition just started, so now I play 3 times a week.
I must say that I switch quite a lot with many rackets, so maybe it’s not the best impression, as normally you’d play a lot more with the same racket/string and I assume that normally the ABBT wouldn’t last that long.
All I can say is that I’m impressed! It feels a bit harder than BG80 and holds tension really well. Feeling stays relatively crisp. I think I’m gonna switch to ABBT. Aerobite also plays really nice, although after a while it can feel a little bit too soft for my feeling. And sometimes it feels great again. The repulsion is there, with both.

Downside: it’s a pain in the @ss to string ABBT! The rubbery coating of the mains makes it really slippery for the clamps. You really have to tighten them a lot. Also easy to get the cross string to twist at the shared grommet. Cross string (Aerosonic) is also too thin and soft. Makes it hard to get them through the shared grommets. I have to cut off the tips like a 100 times. If it bumps against the main string in the shared grommet, the tip is already knicked.