Correct Forehand Grip


I haven’t looked at my hand much and the hands of others on different’s not something i’ve had much/any discussion with coaches about, so can’t give a great direct answer.. but i’d just add some food for thought..

You might find that there’s a different angle between the racket shaft, and the forearm, depending on the angle of the racket handle in the hand. So it can be worth including the whole racket in view. And also, given that a symptom of where the handle is in the hand, is the angle between the racket shaft and the forearm changing, so, it’d be possible for watch pro players and see how theirs is. And then perhaps get some idea of how they might be holding their racket for that shot.

It was once pointed out to me, that on a late forehand , so the kind of shot where you take it low and wide, then the racket is in a different position in the hand, to when it’s the kind of forehand where both your feet are behind the shuttle. And of course there’s a round the head one. . Though also one thing that can affect the angle between the racket shaft and the forearm, is deviation of the wrist.

Also if you do have the discussion with other players, comparing how rackets are in your hands, it’s worth considering to ask in the context of a particular shot. And even given a shot, sometimes there are different ways to hit it, so some vhoice in where the racket shaft points.

Maybe a way many go about it is they practise a particular shot and know how the racket is in their hand for that shot. And then whatever position you choose, you might see differences and have logical reasons for why to hold the racket one way rather than another. That’s better than somebody saying adjust this/that without you knowing logical reasons why. Sometimes something can “look right” but be wrong, so the proof is in the pudding..

Note- I notice one post says you are doing panhandle.. Maybe you can show all your grips including the racket face. And also show what you would do for a panhandle grip .

Another thing that can help show what grip you have is to motion some shots with them.

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