Breaking Barriers: Mariam Eniola Bolaji and Chigozie Jeremiah Nnanna Set to Shine at Paris Paralympic Games 2024

In a historic moment for Nigeria and Africa, two para badminton athletes, Mariam Eniola Bolaji and Chigozie Jeremiah Nnanna, are gearing up to compete at the forthcoming Paris Paralympic Games 2024. Their notable journeys and recent achievements speak volumes about their talent, and resolute commitment to excel on the global stage.

Mariam Eniola Bolaji, a force to be reckoned with in the Women’s Singles Standing Lower 3 (WS SL3) category, has been making waves in the para badminton circuit. Her stellar performance at the 5th Fazza Dubai Para Badminton International 2023, where she defeated the world number one in her category and clinched the gold medal, set the stage for her meteoric rise. Earlier this year, Mariam’s Gold medal win at the Egypt Para Badminton International 2024 and the Spanish Para Badminton International 2024 further solidified her status as a formidable contender. In an exclusive interview with BCA TV, Mariam expressed her excitement about representing Nigeria and Africa in Paris, stating her goal to secure a medal. She emphasized the importance of proper preparation and discipline, underscoring her thirst for success and gratitude to her supporters.

EEE“I am very happy to represent Nigeria and Africa in Paris and I know that I need to keep the same tempo in order to achieve my goal. This was a lifetime goal to be participating in the Paralympic Games and I know that participating is not enough, but I am thirsty for a medal, and I know that with proper preparation and training, I will be able to obtain a decent result. As at now I am extremely happy, and I need to take this opportunity to fine tune myself before this prestigious games. I wish to thank everyone who has supported me and believed in me.”

Meanwhile, Chigozie Jeremiah Nnanna, currently ranked 16th in the Men’s Singles Standing Lower 4 (MS SL4) category, has been a beacon of consistency and perseverance. His commendable performance at the Egypt Para Badminton International 2024, where he reached the finals, demonstrated his tenacity and discipline on court. Additionally, his quarterfinal appearance at the NSDF Royal Beach Cliff BWF Para Badminton World Championships 2024 and his status as the African Champion in his category underscore his prowess as a top contender. In an exclusive interview with BCA TV, Chigozie expressed his gratitude to his supporters and dedication to making history for his country. He acknowledged the challenges he has faced on his journey but remained steadfast in his commitment to giving his best in Paris.


“I am very happy with myself and all the hard work that I have put in to reach where I am today. It has not been an easy journey but only my true ones and those who has helped me will know. I dedicate this victory today to all those who helped me and also to my country because I will do my very best in Paris to create history.”

EEEEECoach Dina Abouzeid Sariñena, the mentor behind Mariam and Chigozie’s success, also shared her insights in an interview with BCA TV. “This is very satisfying when you see players attaining their goals and after all their hard work, they are finally seeing the results now. Paris 2024 was the goal that we had set since the beginning, and I am extremely happy to see it bearing its fruits now. Now the focus shifts on the preparation phase as there is not much time left. I know that they will give all their very best in Paris in order to make their country and Africa proud and I am willing to help them till the very end and I really hope that they can make history. We know that the competition is going to be tough, and we are not expecting any less as it is the highest stage that is Paralympic but on our end we are coming fully prepared to compete” Coach Dina remarked.

Coach Dina’s dedication and guidance have played a pivotal role in shaping Mariam and Chigozie into formidable competitors on the international stage.

As Mariam and Chigozie prepare to represent Nigeria and Africa on the global stage, their stories serve as inspirations to aspiring athletes in our continent. Their firm willpower, coupled with their noteworthy achievements, epitomizes the spirit of excellence. With the eyes and blessing of the whole of Africa upon them, Mariam and Chigozie are poised to make history and leave an indelible mark at the Paris Paralympic Games 2024

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