Bravesword 12 SE vs ARS 90k ii / 100x

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Hey there! I’m in the market for a new racket, i’m basically a full doubles player that I would say is at the intermediate level. Been using the Astrox 77 3u for a long time and constantly felt like I had a lot of off days and definitely felt sluggish on defense and tired after long sessions. Snapped my strings recently and I ended up using my BS12 3u that had 3 year old skyarc strings on it and surprisingly I loved how it felt. Was looking into a more speedy racket that isn’t completely lacking on power and landed on the ARS 90k ii and 100x but also recently learned that theres a new BS12 SE and would love thoughts/comparisons/personal experiences with them.

From my last few days of research roughly what I was able to get was that the 90k ii is slightly more sluggish but more power than 100x and both equally good, I’m not sure if they are the same stiffness or not though or if one is stiffer than the other. Also heard that the new BS12 SE feels completely different being slightly stiffer and head heavier than the original BS12 which to me from a specs point of view puts it very similar to the 2 auraspeeds. Would love any and all opinions!

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