BPAC Coach Corner Programme

“BPAC Coach Corner” consists of presentations by guest speakers, running for one hour, once weekly (Tuesdays), providing simultaneous translation (English/Spanish/French) and moderator support.

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bpac coach corner programme
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The session will be recorded and later available online on the BPAC YouTube Channel

YouTube Videos:

Season 11

  1. Achiles Tendon Ruptures – Martin Fahlstrom
    • English:
    • Spanish:
    • French:
  2. Strength and Conditioning for Badminton Singles – Alberto Garrido
  3. How to Bring out the Potential of your Athletes – Ling Haendel
  4. Strength and Conditioning for Badminton Singles – Alberto Garrido
  5. BWF World Coaching Conference Experience – Shakeira Waithe & Fabiana Da Silva
  6. Injury Rehabilitation – Martin Fahlström
  7. Coach Management on Court, Umpire Recomendations – Gerald Arseneault

Season 10

  1. Mixed Doubles – Martijn Van Dooremalen
  2. Dartfish in Badminton Doubles – Martin Trejo
  3. JR. Academy Exeperience – Fabiana Silva & Rodolfo Ramirez
  4. Men’s Double – Martijn Van Dooremalen
  5. Mental Readiness and Wellbeing of Junior Badminton Players – Dr. Yun-Dih Wendy Chia-Smith
  6. Badminton Doubles – Martin Trejo
  7. Women’s Double – Martijn Van Dooremalen

Season 9

  1. Educate to Train in Badminton Life – Jose Maria Solis
  2. Metabolic, Strenght and Power Profile II – Igor Vasconcelos & Saulo Fernandes
  3. Metabolic, Strenght and Power Profile I – Igor Vasconcelos & Saulo Fernandes
  4. Doubles in Badminton – Andy Chong
  5. Standing Classes Doubles and mixed Doubles – Kaity Hall
  6. Basic in Doubles – Thomas Adam
  7. Doubles training in Para badminton – Derly Delgado
  8. How can double players keep on challenging the rest of the world?” – Claus Paulsen
  9. Doubles in Badminton – Howard Bach

Season 8

  1. Para Badminton Qualifying Overview: Santiago 2023 & Paris 2024 – Syahmi Sabron & Raul Anguiano
  2. Development of Badminton Players in Brazil – Julia Barreira
  3. Management of Tennis Elbow in Racket Sports – a Literature Review – Martin Falström
  4. Development of Badminton in El Salvador – Oscar Orellana
  5. Physiological Characteristics of Badminton Men’s Doubles Player – Tommy Apriantono
  6. Development of Departamental Badminton in Guatemala – Jose Maria Solis & Shilley Muñoz
  7. The Evolution Para badminton WH1 and ” and its European and Asian Styles – Dina Abouzeid
  8. Facilitating Dual Career Badminton Players’ Life Skills Thorough Education of Their Entourage – Dr. Lea-Chatrin Dohme
  9. Coaches Duties at Events – Yves Cote

Season 7

  1. 100 Webinars – Special Edition
  2. Para badminton SH6 and the CBBd Route to Paris 2024
  3. Proud Paralympic Programme: Looking After Yourself as an Athlete – Camila Haase
  4. Planning to Paris 2024: Training and Competitions – Arturo Ruiz
  5. Identication of Talents in Argentina – Martin Trejo
  6. BWF Fasttrack Course Experience – Lino Muñoz & Fabiana Da Silva
  7. Special Olympics Globar Development – Maggie Brennan & Jon-Paul St. Germain
  8. Para badminton Technical Workshop Experience – Shardea Croes, D’Andre Thorpe & Silvia Muñoz
  9. Physical Preparation and its Control in Badminton Female Players – Alberto Garrido
  10. Questioning: An Essential Tool in Coaching – Shakeira Waithe
  11. Para badminton Classification – Jose Maria Lopez & viviana Salazar
  12. Club Development – Kevin Wood & Ben Lee
  13. The Long-Term Follow-Up Strategy of the Players of the French Federation – Soler Thierry
  14. Women’s Singles – Xu Huaiwen
  15. Training and Injuries Among World Elite Junior Badminton Players – Steve McCaig
  16. Understanding the Game of Badminton – Joao Cren Chiminazzo
  17. Fasttrack Course Experience – Rodolfo Ramirez & Jamie Subandhi
  18. Injuries in Badminton, an Overview – Martin Fahlström
  19. Special Olympics Latin America Manuals – Adrian Gomez & Juan Espinoza
  20. Dartfish & Polar Use – Martin Trejo (ARG)

Season 6

  1.  BWF Coach System: 10 Years in Pan Am – Fran Dacal (ESP)
  2. At the Core of the Coach-Athlete Relationship – Julie K/Bidy (BRA)
  3. Shuttle Time: National Frowth – Esteban Fuentes (CHI), Oscar Vera (COL)
  4. Badminton Common Injuries: Prevention – Martin Fahlström
  5. Superstars Most Badminton Club – Czech Republic
  6. Social Performance, Not Only Medals Count – Huges Relier (FRA)
  7. Para badminton: First Paralympic Experience – Derly Delgado (PER) & Italo Hauer (BRA)

Season 5

  1. Smashing Fast: What the Science Says – Loughborough University, UK
  2. Technology and Research Applied to Badminton – Gutierrez (COL), Trejo (ARG), Wheeler (COL)
  3. Invisible Training: The Importance of Motivation in Young Badminton Players – Yun-Dih Chia Smith
  4. Centre of Excellence
  5. Inclusion Through Badminton – Special Olympics
  6. Injuries Prevention in Badminton – Niels Kaldau
  7. Taining Experience Asia – Europe: Characteristics – Pi Hongyan
  8. Impact of Eight Weeks of Plyometric Training on Jump Parameters in Junior Badminton Players – Hanno Helder
  9. Importance of Applied Research to Badminton – Adrian Gomez & Daniel Pallarola
  10. Olympic Experience – Ram Nayyar
  11. Pathway to Paris 2024 – Martijn Van Dooremalen
  12. Olympic Experience – Jose Maria Solis

Season 4:

  1. Mindful Methods to Improve Your Performance in Competition – Raju Rai
  2. The Path of the formation of Young Player in France: Physical Preparation – Vincent Laigle
  3. Differing Practices for Different Para badminton Classes – Kaity Hall
  4. Microcycle-Mosocyvle-Macrocycle Complex Practice with a Group of Players with Different Goals and Peak Performances – Martijn Van Dooremalen
  5. BWF Level 3 Experience – Shakeira Waithe & Christina Aicardi
  6. The Path of the Formation of the Young Player in France: Tactical-Technical Aspects – Vincent Laigle
  7. Training and Evaluating in these Difficult Times – Kaity Hall
  8. Division of Complex Practice During the Week/Month, Building Up from Microcycle to Mesocycle – Martijn Van Dooremalen
  9. Non-Traditional Countries. South American Champions – Martin Trejo & Willian Gutierrez
  10. Performance and Coaching of the Forehand Badminton Smash During Different Spatio-Tempora Constraints – Idrees Afzal
  11. The Fundamental Elements of the High-Level Doubles – Thibault Pillet
  12. Control, Evaluation and Training of Strength in Badminton – Alberto Garrido
  13. Translation from the year plan to a Daily Plan … – Martijn Van Dooremalen

Season 3:

  1. Doubles: From Basic to High Performance – Halim Ho USA
  2. Variability of Hearth Rate in Badminton Players and its Modifications with the Accumulation of Matches – Alberto Garrido MEX
  3. Physical Preparation According to the Motor Preferences of Each Athletes – Joran Love FRA
  4. Anticipation in Badminton: Influencing Factors and Approaches to Training – David Broadbent UK
  5. Bridging the Gap: the Evolution of a Junior Players – Raju Rai USA
  6. Muscular Strength Values and Strength Ratios of National and International Elite Badminton Players – Hanno Felder GER
  7. The Training of Coaches and Officials in France: A System in Permanent Adaptation to Perform – Jerome Careil FRA
  8. Cardiac Advice Before Getting Back to Exercise and Competitions – Mehdi Anvari – IRAN
  9. Development Foundations of Badminton in France – Philippe Limouzin
  10. BWF Coach Resources – Sharon Springer
  11. Badminton with Young Players in France and the Road to Paris 2024 – Christophe Jeanjean FRA
  12. Difference in Movement in Standing Classes – and Making Your Session Inclusive – Kaity Hall SCO
  13. Wheelchair Movement and Adapting Practices – Kaity Hall SCO
  14. Technique vs Manifestations of Strenght. Recommended Age – Jose Maria Solis GUA
  15. Key Performance Characteristics in Stroke Production – Martijn Van Dooremalen NED
  16. Autonomy for Decision-Making on Court by Athletes – Norma Rodrigues BRA
  17. Anticipation – Do you think you coach it? – Martin Andrew ENG
  18. Training Loads. Specific Considerations – Jose Couto CUB
  19. Developing Para badminton Globally – John Shearer BWF

Season 2:

  1. Para badminton Initiation Proposal for Childre Using Wheelchairs – Aline Miranda – BRA
  2. Badminton Training Planning and Assessment Programs in Preparing Athletes to Participate in the National Games Colombia 2019
  3. Influence of the Fatigue in Performance, Injuries and Psychomotor and Cognitive Aspects in Badminton Athletes – Diego De Carvalho
  4. An Investigation of the Demands Faced and Support Needed by Elite Dual-Career Adolescent Badminton Players and Their Entourage – Paul Sellars
  5. The Effectiveness of the BWF Shuttle Time Programme on Children’s Fundamental Movement Skills – Michael Duncan
  6. Stress Mindset Interventions in Sport – Lee J Moore
  7. Promoting Helth and Well-Being Through Campus Inclusive Badminton Program for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities – Chih-Chia Chen
  8. Talent Identification of Badminton Players Using Bio-Banding – Pion & Fadilah
  9. Psychobiosocial States in Competitive Badminton – Yun-Dih Chia-Smith
  10. Optimum Performance in the Badminton Jump Smash – Mark King

Season 1:

  1. July 10th – “Season Finale” – Jennifer Lee, Mike Butler, Chema Solis, Jose Couto
  2. July 7th – “Para badminton – Training for Success” – Derly Delgado (PER)
  3. July 3rd – “Para badminton” – Ram Nayyar (CAN)
  4. June 30th – “Youth Planning Experience” – Martin Trejo (ARG)
  5. June 26th – “AirBadminton: The New Outdoor Game” – Rodrigo Pacheco (BWF)
  6. June 23rd – “Planning an Olympic Cycle, Rio 2016 Experience” – Roberto Mollinedo (CUB)
  7. June 19th – “Skills and Tactics for Doubles” – Martijn Van Dooremalen (NED)
  8. June 16th – “Decision Making: Key Variable for the Success of the Badminton Player” – Jose Antonio Couto
  9. June 12th – “Self-Control Feedback in Young Players” – Saber Afif (NED)
  10. June 9th – “Transitioning to High Performance at Badminton” – Marco Vasconcelos (POR)
  11. June 5th – “Stroke Quality in Badminton, generalities and its training” – Fran Dacal (ESP)
  12. June 2nd – “Leadership in the Training Process. Management Strategies to Achieve Sport Goals.” – Esteban fuentes (CHI)
  13. May 29th – “Do I develop players effectively? Can I do it better?” – Martin Andrew (ENG)
  14. May 26th – “Physical and Tactical Training (home & court) for Badminton” – Jennifer Lee (CAN)
  15. May 22nd – “Looking for Paris 2024” – Martijn Van Dooremalen (NED)
  16. May 19th – “Tactics in badminton, from base to high performance and their relationships with the skills required” – Jose Maria Solis (GUA)
  17. May 15th – “Translate your overall plan into training session” – Mike Butler (CAN)
  18. May 12th – “Physical training on and off the court, how to measure the progress” – Norma Rodrigues (BRA)
  19. May 8th – “Crisis vs Opportunity in Badminton” – Arturo Ruiz (ESP)